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Innerspace Counseling strives to provide the best possible experience for our clients. We are committed to continuous improvement, and we value your feedback! If you have had a positive experience with Innerspace Counseling, please leave us a review for us. If you have had a negative experience, please contact us directly so that we can address the issue. Thank you for choosing Innerspace Counseling!


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We care deeply about our clients, and your feedback is very important to us. Check out some of the positive reviews our past clients have left us here:

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"This is a great program."

This is a great program. One thing you have going for you in spades is great group leaders.

"They ensured my well-being was the utmost priority."

My therapist made my experience in individual sessions comfortable and warm. They ensured my well-being was the utmost priority. I feel that my self-worth has increased and overall, I have become a better version of myself.”

"I’m so happy to have met such wonderful people."

Group therapy sessions made me feel a sense of belonging and gave me a connection to others. I’m so happy to have met such wonderful people.

"They made me feel special"

Everyone was so welcoming. They all made me feel special and I really enjoyed spending my time with them.

"Great topics, great facilitators, and good moderation of conversation between the participants."

Great topics, great facilitators, and good moderation of conversation between the participants. There is a lot to get out of from sharing with other folks that are supporting their mental health. I also liked that overall the group leaders themselves were transparent that they too take care of their mental health and use these skills.

"I will forever be grateful for all the help and support"

Great IOP and Partial Care program, I will forever be grateful for all the help and support. I love that Innerspace focuses on DBT skills which have been so beneficial to me. I will recommend the program. Thank you so much, I got so much out of it. I am doing great in my life now.

"The group support is very empowering"

Group leaders were great at getting us focused and staying on topic, and keeping the sessions engaging and interesting. I love getting feedback from the other group members, it was very helpful for me seeing how they applied the DBT skills in their life situations. And the group support is very empowering.

" I couldn’t thank you guys enough"

I’ve been 7 months clean since yesterday and I couldn’t thank you guys enough so thank you

"I changed so much for the better"

My time at Innerspace was a time I’ll never forget. I learned so much and met such amazing people. Ever since I was discharged, I changed so much for the better and am becoming the best version of myself. I’m so glad I went and recommend Innerspace to anyone and everyone.

"Incredibly caring and helpful."

“Everybody that works here is incredibly caring and helpful. I will miss them!”

“Back to almost 100%.”

“I joined the program with a very bad condition doubting that I would ever get better but actually I did and I got back to almost 100% to what I was before and also now I’m very educated about my mental condition and how to face and react to any mental problems.”

“I feel so much stronger now.”

“I really enjoyed my time in this program even when it was difficult. I had my intake after experiencing some intense trauma from being hospitalized and experiencing serious symptoms. But, I feel so much stronger now. The memories are still painful to remember, but I feel like they are less emotionally charged now. I can be fully in the present and hopeful about the future. And a lot of that is due to my time at Innerspace.”

“It has truly changed my life.”

“I really have mostly wonderful things to say about Innerspace. 1. I think this program is unique to many others because the staff truly cares about the success of their patients. 2. The only reason someone would not be successful in Innerspace, is if they were not ready to put in the work. 3. This is truly a safe, nonjudgemental atmosphere for people to be their true selves. I am so thankful for Innerspace. It has truly changed my life and I thank everyone who was a part of that. The current team/staff is amazing and Innerspace is lucky to have everyone!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!”

“Great staff and great experience."

“Great staff and great experience. Thanks to everyone who helped us.”

“We cannot thank you ALL enough!!!”

“This was not our first time in need, but this was by far our best. We cannot thank you ALL enough!!!”

“Thank you!!!”

“You were ALL amazing and knew what my child’s individual needs were! Thank you!!!”

“We will miss you all.”

“I liked everything about inner space. Everyone was there help my son out no matter what time of the day it was. Thank you to everyone who had a part in helping him become a better person. We will miss you all.”

“Everyone at Innerspace was wonderful.”

“Everyone at Innerspace was wonderful. I am very pleased with the treatment my daughter received and the outcome.”

“Cannot thank you ALL enough!”

“I have referred you a dozen times and cannot thank you ALL enough!”

“This is a really great program.”

“This is a really great program. My child has grown so much from the initial consult to the final day of therapy. I know that my child has learned many strategies to help work through future concerns.”

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