Navigating Our Mental Health Program: From Form Submission to Treatment Completion

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At Innerspace Counseling, we understand the importance of taking the first step toward prioritizing your mental health. Our program is designed to guide you through a seamless journey from form submission to treatment completion, ensuring you receive the support and care you need. Let's walk through the key stages of our process.

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Fill Out Our Form Online

Embarking on a transformative journey towards better mental health with Innerspace Counseling begins with a pivotal step — filling out our online form. Whether you are seeking support for your child, teenager, or yourself as an adult, or exploring our specialized perinatal wellness program, taking the time to complete this form signifies your commitment to prioritizing your well-being. By providing us with essential details through the form submission, you allow us to tailor our support to your unique needs, guiding you toward a path of healing, growth, and mental wellness.

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After Completing the Online Form

After submitting your form, you will receive an automated email confirmation, assuring you that your submission has been received. Within 24 business hours, our team will reach out to you to gather essential information about your needs.

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Information You Need

During our conversation, we will take the time to inquire about your insurance details and gather essential demographic information to facilitate a seamless transition into our comprehensive program. It is recommended that you have your insurance card readily available for reference during this conversation to ensure accurate processing and to streamline your onboarding process with us. Your assistance in providing this information will enable us to tailor our services effectively to meet your specific needs and to support you on your journey towards improved mental health and well-being.


Goal Setting


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Screening Call

Following the completion and submission of our initial form, a licensed clinician will conduct a comprehensive screening call with you. This call, lasting approximately 20 minutes, focuses on understanding your concerns, symptoms, and personal history to determine the most suitable program for your needs. If our program aligns with your requirements, we will proceed to schedule your intake appointment promptly.


What Life Will Look Like as a Patient

As a valued patient at Innerspace Counseling, your treatment journey will encompass a comprehensive approach to mental well-being. On your first day with us you will participate in a group therapy session, providing you with the opportunity to connect with others and begin building a supportive community. You will also meet with your primary therapist, who will guide you through an orientation session to review all the essential information you need to embark on your therapeutic journey.

Throughout your time with us, you will engage in regular group therapy sessions and individual sessions with your primary therapist, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your mental health care. Our dedicated team of qualified therapists will collaborate closely with you, providing comprehensive care and support tailored to your individual needs. Furthermore, we offer family therapy sessions to support children, teens, and adults when required, fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment for all our patients.


End of Treatment or Long-Term Care Options

The duration of your treatment at Innerspace Counseling is tailored to your individual progress and the initial level of care you require. On average, most patients can expect to complete their treatment within 12 to 18 weeks. As you approach the conclusion of your program, our team will assist you in scheduling follow-up appointments with your previous providers or other community providers to ensure continuity of care for ongoing outpatient therapy and medication counseling, if necessary.

As you embark on your journey towards improved mental health and well-being, know that at Innerspace Counseling, we are here to support you every step of the way. Take the first step today by completing our online form, and allow us to guide you towards lasting peace of mind and well-being.

"Every single person my son came in contact with at InnerSpace has been nothing but outstanding and accommodating for him. Thank you so much! With time and patience, they guided him to where he is today."


"After a mental health crisis I went to Innerspace. It was the best help I could possibly hope to receive. The staff are all friendly and welcoming. The fellow clients are also very supportive of one another. Innerspace is also hands on helpful with what you need and work with you in your journey. I couldn’t have gotten this far without them! Thank you Innerspace for helping me heal and find my aftercare therapist!"


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