Innerspace Counseling Featured on the "Chatting with Betsy" Podcast!

We are thrilled to share that our own Ajita Shah, Owner and Program Director, and Melissa Maranzano, Director of Program Planning and Quality Assurance, were recently featured in an enlightening podcast discussion on Chatting with Betsy. Both leaders from Innerspace Counseling and Serene Mind shared their invaluable insights on imental health care for all ages, starting from 8 years old. You can listen to their full podcast discussion on Spotify and other podcast streaming services such as Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music (and more).

In this engaging interview, Melissa and Ajita delved into the critical signs of mental health issues in young children, particularly focusing on depression and anxiety. They highlighted how Innerspace Counseling and Serene Mind offer specialized services for teenagers and adults, making a significant impact in our community here in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

Moreover, Melissa Maranzano provided essential advice on how individuals can reach out for help. Whether it's through a phone call or visiting our website, we ensure everyone has access to the counseling services they need. We're also committed to guiding out-of-state individuals to find the right resources in their areas.

The conversation also emphasized the importance of addressing mental health proactively and reassured that seeking counseling is a positive and brave step.

Listen to the full interview for more insights and inspirations: Click here to listen.

For more information or to contact Innerspace Counseling and/or Serene Mind, please call us at 732-332-8270 or visit InnerspaceCounseling's website. To learn more about Serene Mind, visit Serene Mind's website.

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