1. Healthier Habits for a Happier, Healthier You!

    Written by: Lindsay Sowder, MA, LAC, NCC   Setting healthy habits keep you feeling motivated, create a sense of accomplishment for each day, and increase your confidence overall! You might want to start off by asking yourself these questions:  What about your current routine do you dislike? Why do you want to start a healthy habit? How will your new habits help you achieve your long-term goa…Read More

  2. Can Social Media Posts Help Diagnose Mental Health Disorders?

    Written by: Melissa Maranzano, MA Social media posts can serve as warning signs of a person in a mental health crisis. We have seen the stories of suicidal individuals posting feelings of sadness, loneliness, or even posting goodbye messages. We have also seen news stories where shortly before committing a violent crime, the perpetrator posted messages of hate or rage to their social media account…Read More

  3. Vote for Innerspace Counseling, LLC in 2020 Best of the Best My Central Jersey

      Innerspace Counseling is honored to have been voted Best of the Best 2020 in Central Jersey for Holistic Wellness.  Thank you to all who voted.  Innerspace Counseling strives to provide the highest quality care possible using a caring and empowering approach to help our clients regain the balance in their lives.  Our team appreciates this acknowledgement and will continue working to improve …Read More

  4. Intensive Mental Health Care Through a Surging Pandemic

    Written by Melissa Maranzano, MA When the COVID 19 outbreak hit New Jersey in March 2020, mental health providers had to scramble to learn virtual platforms, establish procedures and protocols, and get immediately up and running so no patient was left behind.  The clients of Innerspace Counseling and other intensive mental health facilities generally have difficulty functioning at home or in scho…Read More

  5. Innerspace Insights – October 2020

    A new Teen Partial Care Program helps teens find balance through care and empowerment.  September brought in a new school year filled with uncertainty.  Few schools in NJ are fully open, many are a hybrid of in-person & virtual learning, while others have fully virtual learning plans in place.  While no one can answer the question of when it will all go back to normal, it was important for …Read More

  6. Signs You May Have Anxiety

    Anxiety is a common mental disorder that affects approximately 18.1% of the population every year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Unfortunately, only 37% of those who struggle with anxiety receive treatment. Of the remaining 63%, some people may not have the means to seek the treatment they need, and others may not even realize that what they are feeling is an anxi…Read More

  7. The Benefits of Teletherapy

    Teletherapy is a unique service that allows therapists and counselors to provide counseling services via a HIPPA-compliant video conference. This type of therapy is very similar to in-person therapy, but instead of sitting in the same room as your counselor, you’re interacting with them through a screen. This is extremely beneficial for situations such as the isolating requirements of COVID-19, …Read More

  8. Signs It’s Time to Seek Counseling

    It’s important to give your mental health the proper care it needs, whether that means exercising regularly to help cope with stress or making sure you’re getting enough sleep at night. That being said, there are certain situations where your mental health can become too difficult to manage on your own, and it may be beneficial to seek out counseling. In today's post, we will discuss a few sig…Read More