1. Signs It’s Time to Seek Counseling

    It’s important to give your mental health the proper care it needs, whether that means exercising regularly to help cope with stress or making sure you’re getting enough sleep at night. That being said, there are certain situations where your mental health can become too difficult to manage on your own, and it may be beneficial to seek out counseling. In today's post, we will discuss a few sig…Read More

  2. How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About Your Mental Health

    Talking to others about mental health isn’t always the easiest conversation to start. In an ideal world, everyone would be well educated on mental wellness. However, if you disclose to your friends and family that you are struggling with your mental health, they may not understand, or they may want to help but aren’t quite sure how. In today’s post, we will provide you with a few tips on how…Read More

  3. What Is Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness is a word you may have heard used if you have looked into therapy in the past or participate in activities that utilize meditation, such as yoga. You may have also just heard the word in passing, and you’re not quite sure what it means. Mindfulness is the practice of staying present in the current moment, and it can greatly improve your mental health. In today’s post, we will discu…Read More

  4. Dialectical Behavior Therapy Explained

    Those who have sought individual counseling in the past may have quickly realized that there are a variety of different therapy treatments, and it’s important to find the type that works best for you. For example, one of the most common types of therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but some of the other most popular types include Psychoanalytic Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy, Existential T…Read More